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Two days training program (Feb 9-10) on
Neutral Grounding at Bengaluru

Day 1

  • Basics of Neutral grounding
  • Types of Neutral grounding
  • Selection of type of grounding
  • Application of LRNG
  • Damage energy
  • Effect of third harmonics
  • Calculation of LRNG
  • HRNG basics
  • HRNG and Unit transformer
  • Sequence network of High resistance neutral grounding system
  • Charging current contributions
  • Fault current circulation due to field discharge system
  • Rating of Neutral grounding transformer
  • NGR Failure and associated problem
  • Monitoring NGR with relay
  • Specification of NGR and NGT
  • Temperature coefficient of the NGR
  • Time rating of NGR
  • Fault current in HRNG system
  • Typical calculation of NGR NGT and Brief specification
  • Arc Hazard and HRNG

Day 2

  • Deriving a neutral in Ungrounded power system
  • Zig zag transformer specification
  • Calculation of fault current for network with zigzag transformer
  • Protection methods when using zig zag transformer
  • Basic of resonant grounding
  • Resonant grounding for unit connected generators
  • Calculation for resonant grounding of Unit connected generators
  • Typical application of Arc suppression coil in distribution system
  • Fault current of 11kV isolated network earthed with Peterson coil
  • Regulator for Peterson coil
  • Detection of fault feeder in resonant earthed system
  • System modification requirement- ASC added in solid earth system
  • Active earthing
  • Hybrid earthing system
  • Earthing & system protection tripping time
  • Conversion of earthing system to another
  • Different system vendors
  • Grounding Influence on Touch voltage
Trainer: Paneendra kumar BL
Training Charges: Rs 5500 + 18% GST
Training material: Shall be provided  
Certificate: Certificate of attendance shall be issued by VKES.
Training Venue:  Intide, BNR Complex, 2nd Floor, J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase,
Near Brigade Millenium, Bengaluru – 560078 (Landmark: Above SBI RBI layout, Bengaluru)
Food for trainees: Simple Vegetarian Lunch Provided at training venue
Simulation Software: Not used during this training.
Payment terms: 100% in advance. No refund in case of cancellation.
Date of Training: 9,10 February 2019
Contact:  9480501565  
Website:  www.electricalguideline.com/Conference.html
Type:   Lecture (no equipment used, not a workshop)
Timings: 9:30AM to 3:30PM